Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Car Seat Cover

I had seen these before and thought they were cool... so I found a tutorial online and made one for my cousin Jessica who is due to have her first baby boy, Sam, in about a month.

The black straps go over the handles so the material doesn't fall off the seat or smother the baby. I gave it to her before she received her car seat, so I gambled on whether it would fit. Lucky for me, it does!


Dubb Days said...

I love the blog, Heiders! It is a great way to keep your ideas in order and for me to see your new talent. Quite the susie homemaker, huh? It really is such a useful skill and I truly do admire you getting so into it and wanting to help others. My friend gave me her old one, and I barely know how it works so when you come out soon you can sit down with me and really get me going. What do you say?:)
Love ya!

mead family said...

Can you make me one of those for my next baby??? :) I love these things.